To solve a conflict through mediation, No Party is considered as to be right or wrong.

When listening to the parties story at the start of the mediation process, the mediator has to be aware of this essential principle. Conflict comes from the mind. So don’t let your mind come in between your mind as a mediator and the solution of the conflict. By thinking who is right or wrong, you already create conflict in your own mind as a mediator. You can watch the story of a wise man on Youtube.

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a practical example on how mediatiors can help people

A sentence written by Francesca Francese on her blog,

“nevertheless his attitude was a violent one, meaning that he was acting without taking into account his ex-wife decisions and feelings. For this kind of violence there is not order of restraint that could work properly. The most important thing to do is to make the other part aware of his/her power, to acknowledge his/her situation and to act consequently.”


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