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About Stephan Doukhopelnikoff

The goal of Stephan Doukhopelnikoff is to contribute to world peace by mediating conflicts and to assist you, as a negotiator, lawyer legal coach, in all of your business activities, especially those involving the internet, in Central, Southern Africa and East African Union. For 27 years he specialises in offering personally, completely independent services to international clients. He is free from he restrictions that come with belonging to a large firm. He provides personal assistance to each and every client, drawing on his worldwide network.

To solve a conflict through mediation, No Party is considered as to be right or wrong.

When listening to the parties story at the start of the mediation process, the mediator has to be aware of this essential principle. Conflict comes from the mind. So don’t let your mind come in between your mind as a … Continue reading

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a practical example on how mediatiors can help people

A sentence written by Francesca Francese on her blog, “nevertheless his attitude was a violent one, meaning that he was acting without taking into account his ex-wife decisions and feelings. For this kind of violence there is not order … Continue reading

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